Смеата на бебето е едно од најубавите искуства што родителите можат да ги доживеат. Но, смеата на малото девојче Ели ги освои срцата на многумина, не само на нејзините родители.

Видеото споделено на „Тик-ток“ од таткото Тејлор Дадли ја покажува неговата сопруга Кејли како ја засмејува ќерката Ели. Имено, Кејли открила дека Ели сака да потскокнува, па и помогнала во тоа. Почнува внимателно да ја крева горе-долу, што секако многу ја смее Ели.

@kayandtayofficial Her baby laugh is everything 🥹 i love how giggly and talkative she is right now ❤️ backstory ::: Kay has been loving her SAHM duties since Ellie was born. It was always something that she wanted to be able to do, and I’m so thankful that only I have to work a job while Kay can work full-time as a mommy! ❤️ She is always trying to teach Ellie new things, but is also always learning things that Ellie likes and dislikes! Kay recently learned that Ellie loves to bounce! Kay would bounce with her whenever Ellie had gas, and noticed that Ellie would always giggle during it. Over time she learned that it was the bouncing that Ellie loves so much and is always laughing at! She yelled for me to come see what she had learned. Ellie was in such a giggly mood and loved to jump up and down! 😂 Kay also showed me how Ellie likes to make sounds and “talk” for some reason she loves to do it, if kay helps her make a more silly sound! I love how Kay is learning all of these little things that makes Ellie happier! I love watching her grow and learning more about her. I can’t wait to see what new things we learn about Ellie and how to help her have the best life that we can give her! ❤️ #kayandtayofficial #couples #relationships #pregnant #postpartum ♬ original sound – ✨Kay and Tay✨

Прекрасната сцена воодушевила многумина, а видеото собрало 4,6 милиони прегледи и 780.000 лајкови.